What Shakira and JLo’s Super Bowl Halftime Could Teach Us About Role Models

And it’s not that sex sells

Zoe Naz
4 min readFeb 4, 2020

Shakira and JLo put on an incredible Super Bowl LIV half-time show.

Not because of their grit and shimmering glamour. Yes, the theatrics, the musical nostalgia, the hips, and pole work couldn’t be ignored. There was so much stimulation. So many opportunities to be in awe. To be entertained. It was… just so much.

But what I couldn’t help but notice were two powerful women owning their sex appeal onstage. Some might argue that’s a demonstration of years of patriarchy, of society telling women that’s the role they need to play. But that would be too simple a conclusion.

You have two talented women, 43 and 50 respectively, who don’t look like they are trying to please men’s sexual appetites. And frankly, women reportedly are equally if not more entertained by displays of sexuality.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez showed up as confident artists who are having a damn good time onstage. Ass shaking and all. With over 100 million eyes watching.

And with that limelight, comes power. One that shouldn’t go unrecognized.

So in that spirit, Jlo and Shakira delivered. The messages from the finale songs — “Let’s Get Loud”, “This Time for…



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