I Won’t Sleep With You Right Away if I Like You

But not for the reasons you’ve been told

Zoe Naz


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Own your sexuality! Be sexually liberated! You can have sex like a man too!

Hm. I can see why men are confused when I won’t sleep with them on a first date if I like them.

If I don’t, your chances of a 2 AM text increase by 50%. But if I like you, I’ll throw every caution in the wind as the atmosphere turns hard and wet. On one such stormy night, a tornado of words found oxygen.

It was a second date, and he found himself in my bed. We were mostly naked. I say mostly because he was still sporting a pair of briefs. And I had on a sad excuse for a thong. $50 for 2 cm of fabric. The kind that pleads to be delicately removed instead of ripped off. He may have noticed but his hands were preoccupied elsewhere. His fingertips found a sweet spot that makes me moan every time. Coordinates: inner thighs, inches from my crotch.

“When was the last time you had sex?” I blurted out, trying to create conversation to slow things down.

“2 weeks ago, with uh…a friend with benefits. Not anyone I’m dating,” he responded, as he kissed me more aggressively. I appreciated his honesty.

“Have you ever slept with a married person?” I inquired next. Naturally.

A long pause. “Yes, awhile ago. Well, she was engaged.”

I felt him getting harder against my pelvis. At this point, I am sure he’d like any reason to keep me quiet though I don’t afford him the joys of silence.

“Do you see that bag at the top of my closet?” I ask, trying to divert attention to something other than my body. He took his eyes off me for a moment and looks up, preplexed. “Ya. what’s in it?”

“Sex toys.”

“You’re naughty. How many do you have?” he remarks as he leaves a trail of kisses down to my navel.

“All of them,” I respond with a giggle as I try to pull him back up to eye level.

If this was my plan to slow things down I should get a D. He can tell I’m squirmish, and finally, I tell him not tonight.

Disappointed, he gets up to leave. I don’t blame him. I offer him to sleepover, but…



Zoe Naz

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