living in new york
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An enigma, a reality, a delusion, a nightmare, a fantasy, a wet dream — There is New York, and there’s everywhere else.

Maybe you’re sitting everywhere else watching recaps of Friends or Seinfeld desiring to get out of a place that feels like Groundhogs day, where people wake up smiling…

Zoe in the woods

Thanks for showing interest in my writing. Instead of sharing what I write about, let me start by telling you what I will never write about: Becoming super rich on Medium, ways to optimize your life in just 3 steps and celibacy.

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On my knees. Staring up at him while he takes off his belt in front of my eyes. My mouth salivating in anticipation.

Most people’s sexual fantasies have familiar beginnings. Belt unbuckling is mine. …

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“Hello?” I answer in a groggy, hungover voice.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking about you a lot today. How old are you again?” It’s my girlfriend, Vita. She’s 50 but doesn’t look a day over 30.

I look at the time. It’s 11 AM. I’ve been sleeping for 5 hours as…

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For the curious and restless like me, here’s what I think about laying in bed. To set the scene, not usually naked and in the act. Then my thoughts are preoccupied with other stimuli. But for when sheep counting gets old…

1. Does porn mean voyeurism is in our blood?

What do you do when you hear someone having…

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There’s nowhere to go but up.

That’s often what people tell their friends when they’ve hit rock bottom to comfort them. We don’t tell ourselves because there’s no actual light at the bottom.

But what if you aren’t at rock bottom but simply floating through time and space, trapped in…

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Are you bringing anyone? Have you asked him yet?

What are you wearing? How short is it?

What time are you going to show up? Where should we post-party?

Decisions I wish I was making this year.

Instead, I’ll be sitting at home in yoga pants reminiscing on all the…

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If your country asked you to have sex and procreate for patriotic reasons, would you do it?

That’s the challenge Denmark faced. In 2015, their population growth rate was only 0.1%, according to data provided by Like other developed nations, Danes were opting to delay the child process, having…

Racool_studio —

Own your sexuality! Be sexually liberated! You can have sex like a man too!

Hm. I can see why men are confused when I won’t sleep with them on a first date if I like them.

If I don’t, your chances of a 2 AM text increase by 50%. But…

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My Instagram feed over the last couple of days has been filled with jubilant celebrations reminiscent of some of my favorite late 90s hip hop videos: Champagne bottles popped over crowds, booty-shaking on the streets, and joints passed in cars.

Taglines read:

Democracy beat fascism.

Love beat hate.

Kamala broke…

Zoe Naz

Writer | Provocative ideas on sex, relationships & culture | Lover of darkness, duality, and depth

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